NephroLife: dialysis program

The AV18 series is adapted for use with a DBB-EXA machine and allows fully automated dialysis system (D-FAS). The specifications of the original NIKKISO blood lines guarantee the highest resolution and accuracy while using the Haemo-Master or recirculation measurement system (RMS). The combination of DEHP-free materials and high-temperature steam sterilization, in accordance with EN ISO 17665-1: 2006, it is the best choice for pyrogen-free, biocompatible and safe procedure.

  • Enviromentally friendly

  • Steam sterilization

  • Without DEHP

  • Reduced extracorporeal volume

  • Reduced blood-air contact

  • Easy to instal

  • No waste bag

  • Automatic charging, connection and disconnection with D-FAS function


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