NephroLife: dialysis program

Dear colleagues,

From the moment NephroLife was founded in 2017, the most modern machines, dialysis equipments and consumables are available to dialysis centers throughout Serbia. We are happy to see that our cooperation grow and the feedback from hemodialysis centers is the best sign that our vision is coming true. We will continue in the same way and, with your support and contribution, we will continue to develop dialysis therapy in the future for the benefit of our patients.

Current distribution of dialysis machines by centers:

Dialysis Center Machine Number
1. Zvezdara University Medical Center 5
2. Clinical Center Niš 10
3. General Hospital Leskovac 10
4. General Hospital Prokuplje 3
5. Helth Center Kuršumlija 3
6. General Hospital Ćuprija 15
7. General Hospital Svilajnac 10
8. General Hospital Bačka Topola 4
9. General Hospital Subotica 5
10. General Hospital Knjaževac 4
11. Vranje 2