Medical disposables

From general purpose medical disposables in assortment we have :

  • disinfectants for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection – bactericides, fungicides, virucides, tuberculocides
  • disinfectants for instruments
  • products for the disinfection of surfaces and equipment in hospitality, health care, veterinary, hotel industry as well as in schools and preschools
  • preparations for general disinfection of items, cutlery, beddings, drinking water and swimming pool water
  • sterile syringes – two-piece, three-piece; for syringe pumps; irrigation, insulin and photosensitive drugs
  • injection needles of standard sizes or for special purposes
  • protective material: surgical caps, masks, overshoes, impermeable covers for the mattresses
  • surgical gloves AQL 1.5 and 1 – with powder or powder free
  • latex gloves – with powder or powder free; powder-free nitrile gloves
  • standard scalpel blades or scalpels with safety device
  • blood lancets
  • IV cannula – standard or with ADVA system with flowmeter for accurate placement
  • three-way stopcock – standard ow with stepped regulation
  • urine bags
  • urinary catheters