General surgery

In the field of general surgery, we provide wide range of surgical branches with a large number of specific and non-specific products. Starting from the products intended for almost all branches of surgery, we offer:

Operating tables – mobile, multi-sectioned, autonomous, electro-hydraulic tables. They are designed to withstand a patient weighing up to 500kg. Ergonomic remote control (with cable / bluetooth in certain models) or optional footswitch  can be used  for motorized movement. Original integrated power supply system allows usege of the table on batteries or cable, depending on user preference. The integrated bypass system  allows  to continue operation “in progress” after discharging the battery and removal the table from OR.

Surgical lamps – LED lighting has become the leading source of light in today’s surgical teams. The reason for this is that LED lamps emit bright light without heat loss with significant energy savings. Lamps that we offer provide aesthetic and easily adjustable, very intense lighting, with no heating. This system is adapted to laminar airflow in operating rooms, and uses only white LEDs. The advantages of these lamps are more comfortable and pleasant surgical environment without shadows with exceptional color rendering index and the excellent illumination of deep cavities. As LEDs do not emit infrared light, the risk of drying tissue that is exposed to it is reduced to a minimum and working conditions for the surgical team are more comfortable. These lamps also have the option of central installing HD cameras.

 Disposables for general surgery:

  • monofilament polypropylene meshes for hernias
  • biologic meshes for hernias
  • titanium meshes for hernias
  • completely plant-based hemostatic powder completely plant-based
  • Non-absorbable and absorbable surgical sutures

General purpose surgical instruments: needle holders, surgical scissors, clamps, surgical and anatomical tweezers, forcepses.