Ecotrade Ltd. NiŇ° was founded 29th January 1990. as an import – export, marketing and consulting company.

The first partner of the Company was the Japanese company “Terumo”. Over time, with the development of Company and the needs of users, we have started the cooperation with other manufacturers of medical disposables.

1992/93. EcotradeBG starts cooperation with the companies “RFB Latex” from India (manufacturer of surgical gloves) and “Lawton” from Germany (manufacturer of surgical instruments).

1996. The Company changes its name to EcotradeBG due to restructuring.

1997.¬†The Company begins cooperation with the American company “Sorwall” (manufacturer of centrifuges) to satisfy needs of transfusion centers in Pirot, NiŇ°, Belgrade and Novi Sad.

1997. The Company begins production of  mints for throat Рmenthol pastilles.

1998.¬†“CHIRANA T. Injecta” from Slovakia (manufacturer of 2 part¬† syringes, needles and apparatus for measuring blood pressure) becomes an important partner; that cooperation has been improved in the distributorship form since 2001.

1999.¬†EcotradeBG starts cooperation with renowned manufacturer of sterile surgical meshes “HERNIAMESH” from Italy, as well as with the company “PROXIMA” from Germany (manufacturer of stationary ultrasound devices and portable units).

2001.¬†The Company starts cooperation with manufacturer of non-sterile gloves “MEDITRADE” from¬† Germany.

2003.¬†The Company starts cooperation with the representative office “STRYKER OSTEONICS SA”(distributor of orthopedic material) from the United States.

2005.¬†EcotradeBG starts cooperation with the Swiss company “CHRONOLAB” as its¬† distributor for¬†¬† biochemical reagents. In the same year the Company starts cooperation with the Italian company “TECRES”, the manufacturer of vertebroplasty.

2007.¬†EcotradeBG starts cooperation with the company “AngioDynamics” (USA), manufacturer of the devices used in oncology and interventional radiology for ablation and resection of tissue. The same year, EcotradeBG starts cooperation with the Scottish company “VASCUTEK” which produces stent grafts.

2009.¬†“AGFA Healthcare” from Belgium, as a manufacturer of X-ray films becomes associate of our company.

2010.¬†EcotradeBG ¬† starts cooperation with the American producer of operating tables and lamps “STERIS“.

2011.¬†A company “PFM medical” from Germany becomes associate of our company as a supplier of titanium meshes.

2013.¬†The¬† Company starts cooperation with the company “STD PHARMACEUTICAL” from the UK that manufactures drugs for sclerosing veins, as well as with the German company “TUTOGEN” that produces bone grafts. The same year, EcotradeBG starts cooperation with the manufacturer of medical plastic from Indian company “POLYMED”.

2014.¬†The German company “BIOCER” which produces hemostatic powder and Indian company “PARAMOUNT” as a manufacturer of surgical knives, scalpels and lancets become our Company`s partners.

2015.¬†EcotradeBG starts cooperation with the manufacturer of surgical instruments, the company “CROWNMED” from Pakistan.

The primary objective EcotradeBG is not only selling medical disposables and equipment, but also the improvement of the level of protection for both patients and HCP. EcotradeBG strives to develop partnerships with all its suppliers and associates.